Typocalypse – #36daysoftype


Typocalypse – #36daysoftype

#Typocalypse es un abecedario basado en el discurso de odio y locura que ayudó a Donald Trump a convertirse en el presidente de Estados Unidos. El proyecto es la participación de Eraboy en la iniciativa del #36daysoftype del 2017.

Gracias a Yimbo por ayudarnos con la animación del abecedario!

A is for Arrogance


B is for Bad hombre


is for Climate change

D is for Deportation


E is for Enemy


F is for Fake news

G is for Grab her by the p*ssy


H is for Hate


I is for Insult

J is for Jails


K is for Ku Klux Klan


L is for Loser

M is for Migrants


N is for Nationalism


O is for Orange

P is for Putin puppet


Q is for Qualified


R is for Rapist

S is for Small hands


T is for Twitter tirant


U is for Union

V is for Violence


W is for Wall


X is for Xenophobia

Y is for Yemen


Z is for Zero f*cks given










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